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Advertising and Subscription Rates

Rate Card


Subscription Rates

Clinical and Hospital Customers

Hospital and Clinical employees who subscribe to poctHUB are not charged for their membership.


Consultants are charged on a case-by-case basis for access to poctHUB based on the size and scope of their business as well as the expected term of their need for poctHUB resources. Please contact us for specifics.


Vendors who list products on poctHUB are charged both at the company level, as well as the individual level


Is a subscription necessary?

Anyone, regardless of employer or role, can view basic information about the companies listed as well as their products and hierarchy (Data Manager –> Instrument –> Consumable). Detailed specifications, reviews, articles and brochures are not provided without a paid or unpaid subscription. These are the “subscription” features of poctHUB.


Company Subscription

Allows you to place rich text and logos on your Company Pages as well as to be emailed when a review is posted by a customer on one of your products. For pricing and specifics, consult the Rate Card.


Employee Subscriptions – Silver/Gold

Subscriptions are available to view reviews on your products or all products on poctHUB. Consult the Rate Card for details and pricing.